My husband, Pete DuBarry, wrote the lyrics to this song I composed as a tribute to the hero's of that day that will live forever in our memories and hearts.

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United We Stand by Barry Kooda
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September 11, 2001 Net Ring
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"United We'll Stand" (Song-a tribute to 9/11)
Owned by Patricia Welch

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Fire Fighters HQ
Everything Fire Fighters, from 911 Fire Fighters to World Trade Center Firemen.

On September 11, 2001-- life as we once knew it suddenly ended. In the chaos and rubble where the World Trade Center once stood, Record photographer Thomas E. Franklin captured an unforgettable image of hope--"Three firemen raising the American Flag".

Standing defiantly against the gray and white landscape of devastation, these dust covered men and the vivid red, white and blue Old Glory instantly became a symbol of American patriotism. Franklin's photo of these three heroic rescuers--Brooklyn-based firefighters Dan McWilliams of Long Island, George Johnson of Rockaway Beach (both from Ladder 157), and Billy Eisengrein of Staten Island (Rescue 2)--also became a global message that life, and America, would go on.

Las Vegas Artist Randy Soard has created a Photo-Mosaic Tribute comprised of more than 500 individual portraits of the fallen ew York City Emergency Services, Security Personnel and Civilian Heroes lost on September 11th. The artwork is titled "Faces of the Brave".

The purpose of this Tribute Artwork is to "Honor Those Who Protect Us" and to keep alive the memory of "The Best of Humanity".

Link to Artist: Randy Soard's website.

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